Before You Post

Before you upload photos or videos to a social media site, even those of family and friends, think about the consequences of your actions. You have a duty to respect those around you by not uploading photos and video that don’t belong in a public forum. If you capture photos and video from any public gathering, you can post those photos without the specific permission of the people you captured on camera. However, there are some exceptions. You may not post photos and video taken when there is an expectation of privacy. We, at Cup of Salvation Deliverance Church & Ministries (CSDC), value the privacy of our members and guests. Our services, fellowship meetings and other gatherings are deemed as private.

Therefore, you are being asked to refrain from posting any audio, video, still images and the like which occurred in and during CSDC services( fellowship meetings, church calendar events, and other in-house and outgoing services) to ANY social media outlet. Please seek written permission from D.A.V.I.D. Communications before you post to Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, GodTube, Vimeo, BelieverSpace, Blogspot, Wordpress, and other such outlets.

Additionally, when you use social media, please be careful when mentioning CSDC members by name. Also use discretion when inviting members and responding to invitations from members to join social networks or “friend” others. While such steps may be seen as welcome and inclusive, they might also be viewed as coercive and cause negative feelings throughout the ministry. If you have questions or concerns regarding the social media policy, please contact D.A.V.I.D. Communications

If you have media that you would like to share or be shown on the CSDC website and/or social media channels, we ask that you allow us to review and post from our team. Click Upload Files on the form below. Navigate to the file you would like to send and click Submit.

Thank you for your cooperation.