International Missions

In 2010 Cup of Salvation initiated an International Missions Program designed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God to people outside our domestic borders. The Lord led us to begin with the Republic of Kenya. He opened doors that allowed us to set up churches in Kenya and to send missionaries to visit and encourage those churches.

It is our desire to perform a similar mission in Haiti, as well as other parts of the world including other parts of the United States. However, we need partners with the same heart to assist us in this huge undertaking. There are a great many needs to be met and precious few resources with which to meet them. What we have done is to build infra-structures that will insure that every dime collected will go directly towards meeting the needs of hungry or homeless children and adults. No monies collected will be used for any administrative costs or to line anyone's pocket. It will please God and bless us if you would help by donating any amount.

Giving is so easy and our website is absolutely secure. Won't you consider helping us today?